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Dog Training Programs & Courses for Brisbane's Dogs in Sydney


Brisbane's budding Guard Dogs are welcome to come and stay at our state of the art facilities to get world class training Dog Training Courses in Sydney. Transport is arranged and taken care of by us.

While we love our dogs despite their flaws, we need to train them in order to socialize them to an acceptable level. While dogs will always be dogs, there are things we can do to help them mix with other dogs, visit public places, and generally curb their natural exuberance. Our training is in Sydney, but the dog will be just as well healed in Brisbane.
One of life's greatest pleasures is walking your dog on a lead, and here at our Sydney dog training school, we can enable you to do that and more.
Despite the fact that it is advisable to begin training your dog at a relatively young age, we have a track record of successfully training older dogs as well, and we firmly believe you can teach an old dog new tricks!
Dogs of any breed, size, age, or shape can be trained at Guard Dog Training Centre.


Obedience Training - Protection Training - Attack Training - Man Stopper Training


Absolutely NO Harsh Training Methods Used

Our specialties include obedience training, personal protection training, attack dog training, and man stopping. Our first step is to teach obedience.
Dogs can start learning obedience when they are 4 months old (16 weeks), and we have had dogs complete the course when they were 10 years old! Your Brisbane dog will spend 8 days with us in Sydney. Results will vary from individual to individual.
Jumping up on people, bringing your washing in off the line earlier than you would like, digging holes, chasing other dogs or the cat, does your dog chase cars or bikes? Over the course of the training, owners ask us to work on several of these areas.
If you would like to do off lead work with your dog, you must be in full control of it when they are on a lead.


Our Dog Training program* entails the following:


  • Sit - to sit nicely
  • Drop - into a laying down position
  • Stay - to stay in that position until called
  • Heel - to walk properly on your left hand side at your side instead of in front of you
  • Come (also known as Recall)
  • Learning 'NO'
  • Baiting - teaching the dog to eat from their bowl only

 Dog dropping and staying  Dogs staying  Dog bait training


Upon pickup of your dog, our trainers will go through a lesson with you to not only demonstrate, but also teach you how to handle and correct your dog as needed. The lesson usually lasts 45 to 60 minutes. After six weeks, if your dog is still having issues with you, you can come back and talk to the trainers for another lesson FREE OF CHARGE (any lessons beyond this will cost $150).
You may experience different results depending on your individual circumstances. If the dog does not meet your requirements, we will train the dog at boarding rates until you are satisfied.


Dog training method based on patience and firmness

We believe that the best way to train any dog is through a combination of love, determination and reward. Ultimately, after successfully completing their training course at our Sydney dog training centre, your Brisbane based dog will know the difference between right and wrong and be able to obey simple commands.
We're so confident in our dog training methodology, we even offer a guarantee: if you still have issues after a period of time you can come back from Brisbane to our Sydney trainers and we can try again. The training and lessons we provide on our Sydney dog training program, must be continued when your dog returns to life at home. The training needs to be reinforced by the owner in order to ingrain the learned behaviours permanently and ensure they remember them when back home in Brisbane.


Our Commitment to Brisbane's Dog Owners

Over the course of your dog's training program, our trainers will also work closely with you in order to demonstrate how to control and correct your dog when necessary. The methods we employ at the Guard Dog Training Centre in Sydney are tried and tested methods and are reinforced by our phenomenal success rate.
If you require any further information about our dog training programs or would like to schedule a visit to the centre to see our trainers and their students in action, please contact us at your convenience


Enquire with our trainers today!

Contact our expert dog trainers to book training or for any additional enquiries on 1300 309 409 or send us a message via our contact us page.

*This work is guaranteed - it is important that once your dog is home that you continue with their training from the direction the trainers give so that you can continue to improve with their obedience.

Vet on site daily as required


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