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The first step in training a dog is dog obedience. Any dog, regardless of shape, size or age can be trained for obedience. Your dog will stay with us for 8 days and we will train your dog to the best of his or her ability. Plenty of dog boarding kennels are available, since the dog has to stay at the Guard Dog Training Centre for the entire length of the course.


Off leash and on leash dog training for all breeds of dogs!

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The Dog must heel when told to heel, always keeping to the left of his handler!

The dog must sit when told to sit!

The dog must drop when told to drop!

The dog must stay when told to stay! Once he has been told to stay, that's it, he is not allowed to move from his spot to do silly things like chasing after other livestock for example

The dog must come when told to come!

The dog must not respond to any command coming from any other person such as a stranger!

Voice commands can be done in any language. Besides voice commands, you can command your dog with hand signals or any type of body language!

Another way of commanding your dog is using the German dog whistle!

Lots of people worry about the possibility, that one day their beloved dog might get baited. Easy to put your mind at rest, we can teach the dog not to accept food from a stranger!

All these dogs were told to drop and stay, the picture tells the story!

Vet on site daily as required


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