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Male Doberman for Sale

Not Desexed
DOB: 2020
Obedience, BAIT, Guard, Attack & M.Stopper
Price: all enquires – 1300 309 409

Male Doberman for Sale

Not Desexed
DOB: 2021
Obedience, BAIT, Protection & Guard
Price: all enquires – 1300 309 409

Doberman Guard Dogs For Sale in Australia & Globally


An All-Round Dog: Brilliant Specialist!

Doberman Pinschers (U.S. Appellation, or 'Dobermanns' in Europe) were originally bred, like the German Shepherd, in Germany around the turn of the 20th century. And, like the German Shepherd, they are among the five most intelligent breeds of dog, and are suited, thanks to unique genetics and their outstanding ability to learn and accept discipline to an equally wide range of working roles.

Some prospective working dog owners may find that the Doberman pinscher is best suited to their particular situation. Guard Dog Training Centre can help with advice on this choice, and we can also train the Doberman to fulfil its special role.


A Sophisticated Guard Dog

Dobermans are in some respects a more complex and sophisticated dog than the German Shepherd. With the right training (of the Doberman) and understanding (of the owner) this can be quite advantageous.

The Doberman is fiercely loyal to its owners, close to fearless, blessed with great athletic prowess and tenacious. They are also curious, playful and develop individual personalities. They are clean dogs, and though they shed all year, their hair is short and not copious. In fact, in terms of grooming they are one of the most easily managed of dogs.

The fact that they are among the most striking looking breeds is not especially relevant to their utility as guard and general protection dogs. But they can also look fearsome. When their hackles are raised by strangers, of whom they are innately suspicious, the mere sight of their lips curling up to reveal clean, sharp, business-like teeth. Combined with the sound of their growl, these traits alone are usually enough to settle any potential threat.


Safe Transport to Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth & Overseas

Dobermans are well suited to live in all the capital cities of Australia, and the country areas, and they like overseas as well – wherever they are given a good home, in fact. Guard Dog Training Centre trained dogs are famed throughout Australia and the rest of the world. We have extensive experience in delivering fully trained working dogs to wherever there are discerning customers who appreciate not only the amenity of an ultra-efficient worker, but also the priceless value of an intelligent, furry, four-footed friend. If Dobermans aren't suitable for your needs, see our range of puppies, trained German Shepherds, Rottweilers, family dogs and more.

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