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Dog Warning Sign

Our Popular Dog Warning Signs



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Dog Warning Sign

Easy to mount anywhere!
Size: 400mm x 240mm


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Quick release dog leashes for all breeds and sizes of dogs!

Quick Release Dog Leashes
These are very hard to get in Australia. We have plenty of stock in all different sizes and colours. Finest quality agitation leashes with cadmium plated rivets and lock stitched nylon thread.


The strongest quick release leashes ever made! Comes with a heavy duty European Style French Scissors Snap that is nickel plated for rust resistance!

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German and American Dog Muzzles
We stock muzzles for every purpose and for all breeds of dogs, including special Pitt Bull Muzzles!


German Leather Basket Dog MuzzleThe German Leather Basket Dog Muzzle is a very safe muzzle used for muzzle attack work. The muzzle is very comfortable for the dog, he can still drink, open his mouth and bark!


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The German Dog MuzzleThis German Dog Muzzle is very safe for the attack trained dog, very comfortable, it has a steel bar to support the front, the dog can drink when wearing this muzzle!


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The American Dog MuzzleThe American Dog Muzzle has a steel bar to support the front and also around the nose. It is a safe muzzle for the attack trained dog!


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Please contact us on our Toll Free Number to discuss exact requirements before placing your order! If you don't live in Australia, contact us on our International Number, Fax or E-mail!


Note: We stock so many dog accessories, it is impossible to list them all. Just phone us with your specific requirement and we will help you choose the right product at the right price!


All products purchased from the Guard Dog Training Centre are fully guaranteed!

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