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German Shepherds for Sale!


Rottweilers for Sale!


Dobermans for Sale!


Belgian Malinois for Sale


Family Dogs for Sale!


Other Breeds for Sale


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German Shepherds for SaleGerman Shepherds for Sale!
Among the most popular of guardian breeds is the German Shepherd. The ability of a good Shepherd cannot be denied. Some of the most faithful and most capable of all guard dogs have been and are Shepherds. The German Shepherd has excelled not only as a pet and guard dog, a police and military dog, but also as a guide dog for the blind. As the breed name implies, it began it's career as a Shepherd's dog in Germany and can still be used sufficiently as such. The breed has a distinct personality marked by a direct and fearless but not hostile expression, self confidence and a certain aloofness that does not lend itself to immediate and indiscriminate friendships. Our Shepherds are approachable, quietly standing their ground and showing confidence and willingness to meet overtures without making them themselves. They are poised, but when the occasion demands, eager and alert, both fit and willing to serve in their capacity as Companion, Guard Dog or Attack Dog! We sell Shepherds as pets with obedience training, or for family protection with obedience and protection training, or as attack dogs and man stoppers for strictly professional use!


Rottweilers for SaleRottweilers for Sale!
The Rottweiler is an old breed that began in Germany as a cattle drover. Today it rivals the best of dogs as a champion and guardian. The Rottweiler was named after the German town of Rottweil. To see a large athletic Rottweiler move is to put many of the large breeds to shame. These dogs can easily weigh more than us humans. When you see a Rottweiler muzzled, you can figure that the owner may well not be kidding. The Rottweiler is not only large, agile and powerful, but he is also known to have a tremendously powerful bite! The Rottweiler is a breed that is quick on the trigger when a situation that calls for instant defence arises and yet is a good laid back family dog. The Rottweiler has the inherent desire to protect the home and family and is an intelligent dog of extreme hardness and adaptability with a strong willingness to work. We sell Rottweilers as pets with obedience training, or for family protection with obedience and protection training, or as attack dogs and man stoppers for strictly professional use!


Dobermans for SaleDobermans for Sale!
The Doberman was conceived and designed to be a man stopping guard dog! The breed was named after Mr Doberman, who lived in Germany during the late 1800's. Mr Doberman was a tax collector going from door to door collecting taxes. Mr Doberman felt that he not only needed the accompaniment of a ferocious guard dog in the performance of his duty as tax collector, but also that his dog should be such an exceptional guard, that none of the breeds then available in Germany were good enough for him. Mr Doberman set out to create his own guardian breed that he felt would perform to his satisfaction. Once his breed had been perfected, Mr Doberman surprisingly received no more poundings at the hands of his irate taxpayers. Today the Doberman is one of the more popular pure-breds in the world. The reasons for his popularity are many, and they include the easy to care for short coat of the breed, the relatively convenient size of the dog, the reputation for intelligence, and especially the reputation of this breed as one of the world's finest man stopping guard dogs. Good with the family and good for family protection! We sell Dobermans as pets with obedience training, or for family protection with obedience and protection training, or as attack dogs and man stoppers for strictly professional use!


Family Dogs for Sale!
Besides Shepherds, Rottweilers and Dobermans, we sell most other breeds of dogs, we can even find that special breed for you! All dogs are fully vaccinated and micro chipped!

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