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Any dog can be trained for obedience, but to be trained for protection or attack, he must have the right temperament, which can be determined by a Temperament Test performed by the Guard Dog Training Centre. For a dog to do any component of Guard training, he/she must be a minimum age of 1 year and will have to pass the Temperament Test. An essential part of going through Guard training is that your dog will have to go through our Obedience program- this can either be done from when your dog is 4 months of age or you can wait until the dog is 1 and do the training all at the same time.

There are many areas of protection and the most common is for Family Protection. We can train your dog to protect basically anything.

As with obedience training - individual results will vary. If the dog does not meet your requirements we will continue training the dog at Boarding Rates until we achieve your goals.


Objectives of Protection Dog Training!
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The family protection dog must be good with the whole family, especially with the kids!

The dog must be good with other animals that are part of the family!

The family protection dog protects his territory against possible intruders or strangers!

The dog will not be deterred by any loud noises or any other threatening gestures by the intruder!

The dog will attack any intruder in his territory. See the intruders legs being lifted off the ground by the force of the dog!

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