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Located on the outskirts of Sydney, Australia, the Guard Dog Training Centre has an international reputation for excellence in training dogs.

The owners, the Osmani Family, have been involved with training dogs all their lives.

Their reputation has taken them to places such as Germany, Belgium and France, where they were involved with training Schutzen 3, FBI and IPO dogs.

Fred and Luana Osmani are the founders of the Guard Dog Training Centre. Our business is a family business, established for 30 years. The majority of our business is based on recommendation.

We have provided our services in the past to professionals including professors, doctors, veterinarians, sporting people, businessmen including Mr Kerry Packer and major companies like: Akubra Hats, Corinthian Doors etc.

We supply trained dogs for government authorities (police dogs etc.) Our success has bought us world wide recognition.

Fred Osmani & his 2 Rottweilers have taken part in the film directed by the famous producer Mr Feroz Khan, Fire of Love.

Our success has bought us media & radio recognition, Entertainment Tonight, Wonder World, Arena Television, Quantum, Current Affair.

Guard Dog Training Centre dogs have been supplied all over the world.